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          Many of today&#39;s fighting games are designed from the ground up to entertain players even when they are losing. Tekken however, has yet to adopt this style of game design. Entry level Tekken players often feel completely overwhelmed in the first few phases of the learning process. This is the turning point in which most new players quit, and is much earlier than the point in which the game starts to become fun. Set Small Goals. The first step to having fun when playing Tekken is, forget about winning. If your primary goal in Tekken is winning, you will most certainly quit far before that happens. Instead, set small goals for yourself with the purpose of obtaining a win. Be very specific. Focus on players who you have offline access to and make rivalries. Even if you aren’t vocal about them, treat them as your rival. This will let you focus your goals towards your rival’s character. Good examples of small goals. - Low parry the second hit of Law’s Junk Yard combo and follow up with the correct low parry combo.- Break out of a double over stun. - Don’t get thrown by King’s Giant Swing when his back is to the wall for an entire match, or day, or week. Bad examples of small goals. - Place top 3 in a local tournament.- Place top 5 in a local tournament.- Win a match in a local tournament. (Yes this goal is too big.)- Be able to beat the asshole that works at Super Arcade. (Way too big). Every time you accomplish one of your small goals, you should feel like you placed top 3 in a tournament. If you approach the game this way, you will focus more on your own personal improvements. This is where you can begin to have fun playing Tekken. The more small goals you set, the faster you will improve, and this type of improvement will be extremely satisfying because it is literally quantifiable by your own goals. Think of these goals as pieces of a puzzle. When this puzzle nears completion, winning will occur naturally. With the right mindset, it is very hard to not improve when losing in Tekken, and usually, improving in a game you want to compete in is fun.Step one accomplished. Legal Disclaimer:This app is not an official guide or at all associated with the game&#39;s developer or publisher. All descriptions, graphics, and information are copyright to their respective owners and usage for this app falls within fair use guidelines. This app is created solely for the creators love of the game and to help others further develop their skills at the game.








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